Social Responsibility

Fundamental principle of our strategy is our company's corporate social responsibility. Our position is that our company is an entity that is inseparable from the community in which we operate, influencing and influenced by the data of the time and the space of our action.

We have an obligation and we recognize our responsibility towards the society and the environment. Our corporate responsibility is expressed through the quality and safety of our products, our environmental sensitivity, our attitude towards our employees and the community.


KALAS concern is the ongoing scientific research on quality products that offer to the consumers advantages which contribute to the health of human body.

Qualitative assured production procedures and methods such as iodisation which can prevent diseases such as lack of iodine, recrystallization that gives absolutely clear salt, products like KALAS LIGHT and KALAS SUBSTITUTE which serve consumers needs to use less sodium chloride and packages that can provide security from potential contaminants,  such as our new caps for bottles, the security film we use in our salads and mustard packages are very important factors for safety and hygiene of our products.

Social Responsibility

The social profile of the company is expressed in vulnerable social parties especially in areas of the region, where the company also has its production units.

Company contributes where needed with sponsorships to foundations for the care of older people, to educational institutions, scholarships to entrants to higher educations, amateur sport clubs etc.